Versatile and efficient
management of meeting room and workstation reservations

Increasing space efficiency will bring cost savings. Integrations allow you to modify the solution to your environment and needs.

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Meeting room, workstation and service reservations system

Meeting room and workstation reservations

Catering orders and additional services

Lobby management

Combined solutions with integrations

Meeting room reservation system for everyday life

Timeworks is a versatile solution for managing meeting room reservations. The system can be used to manage and book conference rooms, workstations and meeting facilities, for example.

  • Reservation of premises becomes easier and faster
  • When space is used more efficiently, less space is needed
  • Integrations can be used to deliver versatile intelligent office packages

Information on available facilities is accurate and up-to-date.

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Meeting room and workstation reservations

Using the system does not require any additional plug-ins or software, the system is easy to use with an internet browser. The user interface is also mobile friendly.

Visitors information arriving at the venue can be added to the reservation information as well as services wanted. Bidirectional Outlook integration for space allocation extends access.

Catering orders and additional services

Catering orders effortlessly to the desired location at the desired time. Serves can be selected from a range of products maintained by the restaurant service. Food allergies can also be reported when ordering.

The restaurant can specify, by product, how long before an event is possible to reserve a particular product. The restaurant has eg. rich reporting and billing possibilities.

Lobby services

The lobby service can see the arriving guests and can acknowledge the arrival of the guest. You can print visitor cards directly from the system.

For a congested or unoccupied lobby, there is an automatic visitor management with Systam solution.

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Timeworks Meeting is suitable for many purposes

Intelligent day-to-day space management solutions are created through integrations.
The system can be connected to eg. the following solutions:

  • Automated Lobby (Systam)
  • Lobby summary screens
  • Doorway screens
  • Guidance Systems
  • Sensor Technology
  • Locking and Access Control Technology

Users of our solution

Our software solutions are deployed across dozens of industries and hundreds of organizations across several countries. User satisfaction is proven to be very high.

The software has focused on usability, security and information security.

We’d love to tell you more about how our solutions can make your operations more efficient.

Our Clients

  • Property Management Companies
  • Business Park operators
  • Large and Medium Businesses
  • Government organizations
  • Cities and Municipalities
  • Restaurants
  • Campuses
  • Event houses, cultural operators, etc.

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